Despite the fact that the headphones Powerbeats Pro was released over a month ago, in the hands of laboratory specialists iFixit, they came relatively recently. Experts, of course, dismantled the device and evaluated its maintainability.

Looking ahead, we can say that Powerbeats Pro are almost impossible to repair. Actually headphones under the brand Beats suffering the same problems as AirPods. However, there are some differences. For example, to obtain at least minimal access to the stuffing headphones don’t need to break the case Powerbeats Pro.

But that’s all the positive news ends. According to experts, all the major components Powerbeats Pro soldered together and are used to connect the fragile ribbon cables that are impossible to separate.

Approximately the same situation and with the case. When assembling, the last one was used a lot of glue, which greatly complicates the process of access to the internal components.

However, despite such difficulties, experts iFixit still managed to find some previously unknown technical characteristics. In particular, they found that the Powerbeats Pro uses a battery to 200 mW·h (much larger than in AirPods), and in the case of the headphone – battery 1.3 W·h

As for maintainability, the Beats headphones repair is almost impossible. Experts put them just 1 point out of a possible 10 on a scale of maintainability iFixit.


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