In the past, MacBook Pro owners have faced a number of challenges. They complained about sticky keys, overheated CPU, and the sounds from the speakers. In addition, users found in MacBook Pro the issue with the display. The latter is widespread and can be found on the “prošek”, released starting in 2016. Recently, the experts iFixit called the root cause of this malfunction.

Judging by the reviews, the problem with the display arises primarily from the active users of the MacBook Pro. The first symptom is the uneven backlight, but the display stops working altogether. In this case, for recovery laptop Apple is asking about $ 600.

Initially it was assumed that the problem is caused by the insufficient length of the ribbon cable going from the motherboard to the display. However, experts iFixit noted that it is not so much the length of the cable, as its thickness. The experts note that to avoid problems with the display will not work – only a matter of time when cable is ground and the display will stop working.

According to the staff of iFixit “problematic” component is no more than $ 6. However, because of the desire by Apple to make the display of your laptop is more slim users have to change not the cable itself, and the entire display as a whole.

It is noteworthy that in the future with similar problems can face not only the owners of the MacBook Pro, but buyers of the new MacBook Air. According to experts iFixit, the new “air” laptop is used like a thin plume display peretiraetsya over time.


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