iFixit took apart the MacBook Pro keyboard 2018Одним of the most discussed innovations MacBook Pro 2018 became the third generation of the keyboard, “butterfly”. It has changed multiple items and the guys from iFixit decided to find out how to actually arranged the new keyboard.
Visually it is completely similar to the previous model. Cosmetic differences can be seen only in the positioning of some labels, like the symbol CMD.

The keys are a bit thinner: 1.25 mm vs 1.5 mm. to Remove them is now much easier without the risk of damaging the mechanism.
The most important innovation — the silicon substrate. In an internal document for members of service centers, Apple confirmed that this innovation is done to prevent dust in a rather delicate butterfly mechanism.
iFixit decided to see if this makes a dust protection in practice. The keyboard is sprinkled with fluorescent powder, the testers actively ponazhimat on the keys. Then had them removed and looked at where he was.

The membrane showed its best side. The keyboard is protected against the ingress of powder, the mechanism is not affected.
And here is a test with sand the new keyboard failed. Sprinkled keys, testers typed on the keyboard text within minutes. This time the silicone gasket is not saved. Grit got under the mechanism and the keys are sticky and go crazy.

After graduating from test the keyboard, iFixit began demolition.

In an official document, Apple is note: representatives of the service centers need to be very careful with the silicone membrane. Damaging it, will have to sort the whole laptop and it takes a lot of time and effort.

After a long review procedures, iFixit still got to silicone gaskets. It is presented as a single sheet with holes and clamped in a mechanical key lock.
To iFixit noted that the improved key and modified “butterfly” is still not allowed to call the keyboard MacBook Pro 2018 practical. Its repair — even occupation, but the dust is still causing issues.


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