The Swedish brand IKEA in Bulgaria has released a grater for the apples with the slogan Designed for apples. So the company made a mock design of the new Apple Mac Pro, which in fact resembles a grater.

In writing the symbols of its products IKEA always uses only capital letters, but this time the company has moved away from this rule and called a grater iDEALISTIK. The company noted the contrast of low price floats with the high price of a Mac, which is 390 thousand rubles.

Photo source: IKEA

Previously, Apple released the new Mac Pro. It is equipped with Intel Xeon processors featuring 1.5 terabytes of RAM and supports many other innovative features.

Photo source: Apple

It was also created a special monitor for a Mac Pro with a 32-inch LCD display, a resolution of 6016×3284 (6K Retina), increased viewing angles, anti-reflective coating.

Photo source: Apple

Both the monitor and the system unit looks very similar to a grater for foods, and that was cause for ridicule.

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