The world’s largest retailer of furniture and home goods, IKEA Netherlands has announced its intention to start selling “smart” blinds. New — FYRTUR and KADRILJ represent a window curtain of translucent or solid fabric that completely blocks sunlight.

In bar built-in mechanism that allows the coils to unfold automatically, and a lithium-ion battery that can be charged the supplied power supply USB. In Europe, curtains can be purchased starting February 2. The price is from 109 to 159 euros, depending on the size and type of fabric.

Both models are compatible with TRÅDFRI system IKEA for smart home, including light bulbs, dimmers, motion sensors and other products. To manage smart blinds by using the remote or by connecting them to the hub Wi-Fi TRÅDFRI, a mobile application or voice commands. For example, you can lower all the blinds in the bedroom and living room, or configure them so that they open and close at a certain time.

∎IKEA has released a Bluetooth speaker see also

IKEA continues to expand the range of “smart” products. Last year, the company announced compatibility TRÅDFRI with voice assistants and systems “smart home” leading IT companies: Google, Home, Alexa, Amazon and Apple HomeKit. Giving orders to Siri voice “Assistant” Google or Alexa, users can adjust the intensity of illumination in the house or draw the curtains.

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