Be careful, especially during the holidays!

Not so long ago we told you about a new method of fraud with Sberbank and mobile operators. As it turned out, the fraudsters are really actively using the new way of cheating the Russians, than the customers themselves, Sberbank reported in social networks and specialized resources. Recalled what is the new method of fraud and how to protect yourself in this article.

A new method

This method of fraud has been used by hackers in Russia at the end of 2018. MTS, “Beeline”, “MegaFon” and Tele2, who are clients of Sberbank, began receiving phone calls from fraudsters which have been submitted by support staff of the state Bank.

Fraudsters are very accurately simulate the support of Sberbank, acting as “professional.” To do this, they not only politely communicate, but also can transfer victims from one room to the other, thus further confusing users.

The scammers offer to their victims, who are subscribers of operators “the big four”, to reduce the cost of the subscription fee for mobile communications to a level that was before the increase of VAT in Russia is 18 to 20%. According to crooks, such a possibility is provided by Sberbank, which cooperates with the operators. But in fact, this possibility, of course, does not exist.

The most dangerous thing in this method is that scammers have learned to spoof a phone number when you call. With the help of special and public VoIP-services, the fraudsters can set the number of savings Bank or operators. This room will be shown to the potential victims when you call. Due to such a course the scammers can deceive even the vigilance of the people that check the numbers on the authenticity on the Internet.

To avoid losing money with these fraud attacks is quite simple. It is important to remember that employees of the savings Bank will never request any personal information from the customer on the phone. In particular, it concerns the number of SMS. If the person on the phone made at least a hint of the need to disclose this information to him, feel free to drop a call — it comes from fraud.


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