The Apple battery replacement iPhone at a greatly reduced price to expire December 31, 2018. If you want to replace the battery in your phone at a discount, then you have only 2.5 months. In this article reminded why Apple is changing the battery with a discount, and how to take advantage of the special offer of the company.

Why Apple change the batteries at a discount

At the end of last year it became officially known that Apple slows down iPhone with depleted batteries to ensure that they will not shut down randomly. When this was discovered, Apple struck many critics. The company responded to her, not only apology, but also a very real business.

First and foremost, Apple has added to iOS the ability to monitor the battery status of the iPhone without any additional apps. Also in iOS there is an option that allows to disable the intentional slowdown iPhone when needed (whether to do it).

In addition, Apple has launched a replacement program for the batteries in the iPhone at heavily discounted price. The program operates around the world and use it for the iPhone 6/6 Plus and all later models.

Where to change battery iPhone discount

Apple to replace the battery in your iPhone for a new one with the discount, you must contact the authorized service center Apple. It is very important to find the official STS. The reason is that many common service centers sometimes even write on their websites that they are authorized, but actually are not. And, of course, these set of STS in the iPhone aftermarket batteries that fail very quickly.

To find an authorized service center in your city you can use this method.

How much is the replacement

The cost of replacing the battery varies depending on STS. In most cases, the replacement is asked to pay from 1600 to 2500 rubles. Yes, any mini-service to change the battery in an iPhone for much less money. However, it is important to understand that there your iPhone will be to disassemble a professional is not the master, and the smartphone will have a copy of the original battery. This battery will rapidly lose its initial capacity.


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