Be careful!

It is no secret that scammers particularly hard aktiviziruyutsya in the new year period. Recently, several clients of Sberbank announced the discovery of a new way of cheating. Noticed method is not only original, but really can enter the customer misleading the Bank.

New fraud method

Fraudsters use two variations of a new method of cheating the customers of “Sberbank”. On the first way they create ads that appear in mobile browsers on iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as in applications mail clients.

In such advertisements is placed the logo of “Sberbank” and the message that in honor of the New year the Bank gives out money or coupons to its most loyal customers. Also in the ad text, you can specify the offer to get a discount on servicing of Bank cards or the use of mobile phones after the increase in VAT from 18% to 20% from 1 January 2019. Thus, fraudsters are trying to attract customers of “Sberbank” to the link in the ad.

The second method involves sending malicious emails with the same offer of money or a discount on services. It is noteworthy that the users who have faced such attacks, said that the fake letter was put in spam automatically. This indicates that the method was indeed developed recently.

Further, both ways of cheating are the same pattern. Clients of Sberbank are invited to participate in a survey, for which they and “put” prizes, money or discounts. The scammers offer the opportunity take the survey just in order to reduce the vigilance of the victims even more.

At the end of the survey, which usually consists of 5-6 questions, the client is offered the award. To do this, the scammers require or specify your Bank card information, or ask to transfer a small amount into the specified account. All this is accompanied by a message about the successful transfer of money or bonuses “to the internal account of the Bank.” The need to provide additional data crooks explain the fact that translations are limits. But, of course, no bonuses and customers money not received, since we are talking about fraud.

The danger of a new fraudulent method lies in the fact that the ads in which is placed the logo of the “savings” appear in your browsers and even across different applications on smartphones users. Many customers may not know they were fraudulent trick and fall into the trap of cyber criminals.


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