Russian scammers have started to use new scheme of deception. In jeopardy, all clients of Sberbank, which for the whole of Russia there are more than 88 million people. The scheme is new, because of what victims of scams has become a fairly large number of people.

How the circuit works?

At first glance, the new fraud scheme is very simple. Fraudsters ring up customers of “Sberbank” and presented a technical support staff of MTS, MegaFon, Beeline or Tele2. The behaviour of fraudsters is trying to copy the real support staff — are polite, offer the latest best deals to lull the vigilance of the victim, etc.

The whole conversation scammers reduce to the fact that the subscriber needs to send SMS to official number of “Sberbank” 900 to confirm the new terms of service. Scammers use various excuses, but most of all — the need to confirm the activation of the discounts that will apply after the increase in VAT to 20% from 1 January 2019.

Subscribers, who, no doubt, heard about the upcoming increase in VAT, are not averse to get discounts and continue to pay for the connection at the old price in the next year. In that case, if the victim sends SMS to number 900, the fraudster transferred all the client’s money “savings”.

What is most notable, the scammers make these calls from foreign numbers. Using VoIP services, they replace a room to any other, thus completely excluding the fact that their room to “light up”. At least the room will not be able to identify the victim.

There are already about a dozen cases of cheating Russians in this way. Most often the bait of swindlers come across older people and those who do not know through normal SMS you can send funds from Bank account “savings”.


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