Need to stay alert!

From three clients of Sberbank, spoke about the emergence of a new threat of fraud, which began to use the Russian attackers. A new method of deception of clients of Sberbank was really unlike any previously discovered. In this regard, clients of the savings Bank are urged to be extremely vigilant. Spoke about a new fraud with Sberbank and how to protect yourself in this material.

The essence of the new method of cheating

In each case the fraudsters used the same schema that tells about the development of the method, based on the Commission of mass attacks on Sberbank clients. It all starts with the usual call from an unknown number from alleged employees of the security service of Sberbank. The fraudsters call the customer by name and declare that their Bank account seen suspicious activity. Calling the client by name, the attackers will immediately enter its victim into error, however, this is not the most dangerous in the new method of fraud.

In each of the attempts to defraud the client of the savings Bank questioned what the security service of Bank will call from an unknown number, not shared rooms 900. And this is a key danger of the new method of fraud.

In response to concerns of the client, the fraudsters are still on the face of the security, state that confirmation of their membership in Sberbank will not be easy. Scammers say that to ensure that they are “employees savings”, right now, customers are sent a call with the well-known rooms of the Bank. Criminals emphasize that the call is made directly from the number listed on the back side of the user’s Bank card — 550 5550.

To the surprise of everyone who told us about a new way of cheating the user, immediately after that, they really received a call from the specified number. The man who introduced himself as employee of Sberbank, confirmed that earlier talked to the security service.

Immediately after that, the number of potential victims once again called the first number. The crooks started to load the clients of Sberbank of different information, thereby not giving time to think about the situation or simply to look for the information about such fraud on the Internet. During the second call the fraudsters acted more persistently, as they belong to the savings Bank has previously been confirmed. But, nevertheless, they spoke very politely, as befits an official Bank employees.

Then the crooks started to ask clients of Sberbank of personal data, starting with the card number. All this was accompanied by lots of additional information which attackers specifically “poured out” on their potential victims in order to confuse.

Fortunately, none of the users who reported about this new method of attack, not have lost their money. In each of the cases, customers are saved the alert. Two clients directly during a call, went to the “Sberbank Online” and blocked Bank card, and the third just decided to call in support of the Bank itself to precisely to exclude the possibility of deception.

How the fraudsters were able to “confirm” his involvement in the savings Bank? It is assumed that they are used substitution of numbers on one of the previous numbers of Sberbank. Thus, they managed to complicate even the most vigilant clients of the Bank.

Not to fall for such a trick of the scammers is enough to know that the employees of the security service of Sberbank will not require any additional data from customers. All such requests should refuse and for your own peace personally to call in support of the Bank at 900.


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