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From 1 January 2019 in Russia came into force on important laws that are important to every Russian. In this article we have collected the main innovations from the most tangible to learn from them and as soon as possible to get used to now would be great.

VAT increased by 2% and it is felt

In Russia for the first time, raised the value added tax (VAT) from 18% to 20%. According to experts, in Russia will increase the cost of many goods and services, particularly technology and cellular communication. It is noteworthy that the increase is not expected to 2% and more. The reason for this is that the increase in VAT affects all of the production chain.

The first changes due to the increase in VAT in Russia became visible on 1 January 2019. Another morning, we wrote about the fact that Apple has officially raised the prices on all of their equipment in Russia. It is only the official Apple online store — prices rose so far, only there.

Introduced stricter limit on purchases abroad

From 1 January 2019, Russia has updated limit on purchases abroad. Now it is 500 Euro per month, which at the current exchange rate is equal to 40 thousand. All purchases abroad in excess of this amount will be taxed, and impressive 30%. To buy abroad expensive smartphones, laptops, tablets and other products will be much overhead.

Note that much of this innovation will affect suppliers “gray” engineering in Russia. They will have to pay a higher tax, what the cost of “gray” technology may increase.

Has a tax on self-employed

From 1 January in Russia is still in test mode, launched the tax on self-employed. Self-employed residents of Moscow, Moscow region, Tatarstan and the Kaluga region will be required to pay a tax of 3% of income in the case of providing services to individuals and 6% in the provision of services to legal entities. Yet under the new tax are subject only to Tutors, nannies and cleaners.

Increased electricity tariffs

With the high-tech sector this innovation has nothing to do, but it will impact on all without an exception of inhabitants of Russia. From 1 January 2019 electricity tariffs in Russia increased by 1.7%. Following the increase in the summer — just 2.4%. Ready to pay rent any longer.

Other important changes in one line

  • The Russians got the opportunity every three years to take output to pass the examination.
  • The minimum wage (SMIC) increased to 11 280 rubles.
  • The minimum unemployment benefit rose to 1,500 rubles, maximum — up to 8000 rubles.
  • Pension reform begins a gradual work. Men who reach age 60 years and women who will be 55 years, will retire six months later, at 60.5 and 55.5 years, respectively.
  • Gasoline rose. The excise tax on diesel fuel and gasoline increased by 2.7 thousand and 3.7 thousand RUB, respectively, and amount to 8.3 million and 11.9 thousand rubles per ton.
  • Cigarettes went up. The excise tax on cigarettes rose by 9.1%, which will lead to the price rise of 4.6%.

Such changes occurred in Russia from 1 January 2019.


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