The head of Qiwi Sergey Solonin said at the lecture at MACS about how the former technical Director of the company produced 500 thousand bitcoins on the company’s terminals.

This opened a security system: it is found that the devices worked by night with enhanced capacity, when, in theory, they should not use at all. Corned beef was especially surprised at how much was able mined former employee in 2011, 500 thousand bitcoins was estimated at five million dollars.

Right after all was revealed, the head of Qiwi demanded technical to give nomineee. But he immediately retired, and sue had no meaning, no standing damage to the company, except for inflated electricity bills, was not applied.

Although Solonin could not do anything, the idea of using terminals for mining cryptocurrency he liked it. He gave the order to start it on all machines Qiwi, but it was too late – the procedure had become too complicated and expensive, so a good income speech could not be.

The company has long been interested in blockchain tech: it has built three mining centre in Iceland, and the head of Qiwi took part in the ICO Telegram.


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