Shortly after his high-profile recognition on the presence of iOS special mechanisms that slow down the device with another battery, Apple launched a special programme at a preferential replacement of the battery in the iPhone. According to the latest figures, for the year this opportunity was used by about 11 million people. This was reported by well-known journalist John Gruber of Daring Fireball.

According to Gruber, Apple is usually changed about 1-2 million batteries per year. However, after the launch of a special program in which users can replace battery in iPhone for 29 dollars, making the amount to carry out such a procedure markedly increased and reached to 11 million. So, Apple has replaced batteries for 2018.

Gruber believes that the high demand for replacement batteries has a significant impact on the sales of new Apple smartphones. In fact, today many users are satisfied with the performance and functionality of their existing devices. Therefore, after you replace the batteries, they just decided not to upgrade to a newer iPhone model. In the end, Apple has seen a drop in demand for iPhone XR, iPhone XS iPhone XS Max.


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