Business Insider reports that last year Apple CEO earned about $ 15 million. It is noteworthy that in comparison with ordinary employees, the salary of Tim cook more than 280 times higher.

It is worth noting that most of received by the cook funds is not on the official payroll. It is “only” $ 3 million. Another 12 million is various bonuses paid to the CEO for achieving different results, such as high quarterly sales, retention, profits, etc.

As for the rank and file employees of the Apple company, their annual income is much more modest. According to estimates edition of Business Insider, the average wage in the Apple is 55 $ 426 per year. It should be noted that at the moment the company employs more than 130 000 employees and many of them work in the retail network and doing user support.

Previously, Tim cook has repeatedly stated that it spends a significant portion of their earnings to charity. In 2018, the head of Apple, the company has donated about a third of their income.


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