In the third quarter of 2019 fiscal year Apple spent on research and development of about 4.2 billion dollars. Just this year, cupertinos want to devote to the research and development of new technologies and products, more than 16 billion dollars.

According to experts, now Apple is in a rather difficult situation: the sale of the main company’s product begin to fall. Therefore, the cupertinos have invested heavily in the development of new models that can stimulate sales of the iPhone.

In addition, sources report a number of other projects developed by Apple. It is about components for mobile devices and computers, the products connected with augmented and virtual reality, and Autonomous control. And that’s just what more or less known. It is possible that Apple has some secret projects, details of which have not yet leaked.

Despite the impressive amount of Apple as a percentage of revenues spent on research and development less competition. For example, in the third quarter of 2019 fiscal year kupertinovtsy spent 7.9% of their income on this area. For comparison, Microsoft allocates for research and development 13.4% of its revenue, and Google is more than 15%.


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