This is indicated by the insiders.

Next year iPhone will support 3D Touch, and we’ll see new AirPods wireless headphones and available smart column HomePod. Such predictions shared by the analysts of Barclays after talking with Asian suppliers to Apple.

Blaine Curtis and his colleagues at Barclays believe that in 2019 the iPhone with OLED displays will lose the 3D Touch. Model with LCD screen will still recognize different touch and implement them on the basis of different actions. Analysts say that the plans for the abandonment of 3D Touch is not finalized and may change before the release of the new models in a year. They also add that the iPhone can get the stylus support.

The second forecast is associated with the AirPods. According to insiders, headphones second generation will be released in the fourth quarter of 2019. New case for headset with wireless charging and docking station AirPower should be expected in September.

Information on the timing of the release of the headphone is contrary to the predictions of Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, which earlier reported that AirPods 2 supports “Hey Siri” will be released in 2018. As the expert believes, 2019 appointed release a waterproof version of the third generation.

Finally, in the near future, Barclays waiting for the release of cheaper smart column HomePod. According to experts, from January, Apple sold less than 5 million units, so try to attract new users available model.

Note that official data on iPhone sample 2019, as well as of other products and their characteristics, we do not have. Likely, tested information will be available online closer to the date of the announcement of the devices.

Source: MacRumors


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