Company Inventive Retail Group analyzed the Russian market of trade-in and came to the conclusion that at the moment of the purchase of smartphones in exchange for a discount for buying a new ceased to frighten the people of Russia.

According to the company, from 88,1 million smartphones in the hands of the Russians, 10 million are obsolete models, which were operated for more than three years, some of them had several times changed owners. With the help of social networks and Internet sites in 2018, it sold about 2 million smartphones on the secondary market. Since such purchase is associated with a certain risk, the trade-in program completely changes the situation.

So, in 2018 for trade-in in Russia was delivered about 1 million units, and in 2019 is expected to increase to 1.3 million units. In the three-year term, the market exchange will increase by 25-30%. The growing popularity of the program took and other segments. For example, the largest network of re:Store programme has been expanded to the entire line of Apple, including laptops, tablets, smart watches and smartphones.

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