In the foreseeable future, Apple may introduce a new Wi-Fi standard in the future iPhone. We are talking about WiGig is the technology able to provide maximum data transfer rate up to 7 Gbit/sec. It’s hard to say what will need such speed on a mobile device, but the fact remains.

About the creation of WiGig was first announced on may 7, 2009, and the specification was published in may 2010. In the Alliance the Wireless Gigabit Alliance that aims to ensure the adoption of a new Protocol, includes companies such as AMD, Qualcomm, Atheros, Broadcom, MediaTek, Microsoft, NVIDIA and Samsung Electronics.

Technology WiGig operates in the 60 GHz band. This means that the range is only a few meters. In this case, most likely, will need to be in direct line of sight from the distributing device. Such a high frequency will not allow you to use the wireless channel at the maximum power, if the signal is obstructed by walls or other obstacles.

Apple originally planned to purchase advanced modem with support for WiGig from Intel. However, the chip manufacturer had difficulties with the introduction of technology, of which the development had to stop. Anyway, before the introduction of the standard there is still at least 2 years. As reported by various sources, the first iPhone with support WiGig will come to market no earlier than 2020.


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