Apple have long ceased to produce new corporate players. Actually now on sale available just one device – iPod touch sixth generation. However, if you believe the rumors, published on the website SlashLeaks in the future can update cupertinos iPod touch.

No specific information about the new Apple player now, no. The only hint of a possible update of the iPod touch is the inscription found on the website

Recall that Apple introduced the sixth generation iPod touch in 2015. Player got 64-bit processor Apple A8, 1GB RAM and 8-megapixel main camera. While initially users were available, four versions of the iPod touch 6th Gen. They differed from each other by the amount of drive – from 16 GB to 128 GB. However, later disappeared from the sale of two models. Now users can purchase only the players with 32 GB and 128 GB of internal memory.

As for new models, not many believe in the possible announcement of the iPod touch, the seventh generation. Rather users simply don’t want to buy a gadget similar to the iPhone but without the cell module. Today many are waiting for from player high-quality sound and high autonomy. But cupertinos is unlikely to produce a similar product. Judging by the recent actions of the company, now Apple focuses on a mass audience.


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