Breakthrough technology developed “Infotopia” — a resident of Nizhny Novgorod innovative business incubator. The payment system is already being tested on one of the Nizhniy Novgorod routes — T-92 (the District of “Flowers” — burnakovskoe district).

— A man walks in a bus, and his phone appears the message: “Welcome to smart destinations”. People on the notification and clicks in a single click pay journey, — has told to the correspondent NN.RU General Director Alexander Bobrov. — And he does not want to come to the driver nor to transfer money. He can do it from any point of the bus.

The money will go to the expense of the carrier, and the passenger will receive an electronic receipt. The phone can link a Bank card or use the mobile payment system Apple Pay. Owners of IOS devices can pay the fare in one click with your finger.

On the basis of advanced technology, we implemented its decision. We did what no one else did. This technology is now only tested in the North of England, and there are some attempts something similar implemented in some other countries, — said the head of the developers. — So we’re some of the pioneers, keep up with the times.

The introduction of a new payment method in a transport system does not require large expenditures. Passengers need to download the phone’s free app and the carrier is to install a beacon on the entire bus. Moreover, the terminals that are now used in the Nizhny Novgorod buses are 30-40 thousand rubles, and radio beacons — only 3 thousand.

— Validators, as far as I know, purchased abroad. We use beacons, produced in Russia. So we still support the Russian high-tech production. It’s cool, — said Alexander Bobrov.

While the new method of payments is tested on the private routes. In the future, if he is well and will appeal to citizens, it can be integrated into existing in Nizhny Novgorod automatic control system for fare payment (ASKOP).

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