System for the authentication of the device owner in the face TrueDepth in iPhone X using the Face ID feature has guided many smartphone manufacturers on the idea to start looking for its counterpart that rivals the accuracy of most Apple innovations. And they succeeded — the company Himax, MediaTek and Megvii announced the creation of a 3D-camera Active Stereo Camera.

We are talking about a system intended for facial recognition and use in Android devices. The development combines the mechanisms for determining depth, computer vision algorithms based on AI and hardware components. Did MediaTek, the second — Megvii and third, respectively, of Himax. The technical part consists of an infrared projector of the invisible points of the two CMOS receivers, and chip to control the system.

As a result, the ASC allows to develop a 3D model of the face from 7-10 thousand invisible points. The indicator does not compare with cameras TrueDepth from Apple, but according to the developers, their method will soon not only accurately identify the user, but also to confirm payments. The first Android device with a 3D-system will appear in 2019.

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