In App Store there is an app to create watch faces Apple WatchВещь, which is wildly annoying to me in the Apple Watch — a limited number of dials.

All the customization comes down to the ability to set a custom picture in full screen. But with proper ingenuity and skreativit a lot.

Developers have used this loophole and figured out how to add some fun to the screen and personalize your Apple Watch

This life hack in the form of an app you can download in the App Store.

How to create your own watch face for the Apple Watch?

As we know, we can set as Wallpaper for the Apple Watch and buy any size picture. The developers Watchimise offer a large selection of icons which are set as the title picture.

The idea is simple, but the execution and application possibilities make it really interesting.

In the application Watchimise presented the following theme packs: Starter, Gaming, Cartoon, Tech, Food, Border, Sports, Vehicles. Everyone will find a suitable one.

Perform simple steps:

Select your favorite drawing

Coloring it in the color you want

Stored in the photo gallery

Go to the branded app and set the saved picture to dial “Photo”

In addition, you can configure the location and optional information modules. This allows you to make interesting designs: it all depends on your imagination and needs display specific information on the watch display.

Thank you, Apple, we have to get out.

Download in App Store: free. Value packs — 149 RUB

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