American expert on developing applications managed to detect in the protection of macOS a serious “loophole” that allowed hackers without a problem to distribute malicious code.

In Apple’s found a dangerous vulnerability. It is connected with features of file validation in macOS.

According to the researcher, the expert in application development Thomas reed, a new threat for Apple computers is that the official program, previously installed in the system, rarely are automatically checked for viruses than those that have only recently uploaded. After installing the application immediately placed in the list is correct, the cyber criminal only needs to implement harmful code.

According to experts, the vulnerability is very easy to use to a bad purpose, because implementation will not lead to the signature verification code.

“The worst part is, most developers don’t know about it and add their own checks,” said Reid.

In his opinion, this “hole” in the protection of the operating system, it is possible to compromise the majority of currently existing applications. Moreover, the macOS is designed in such a way that to fix the unfortunate omission can only do the software developers. Insights reed published portal Virus Bulletin.

Meanwhile, Apple is illegally installed security update to users ‘ computers without their consent. The reason was the discovery of the vulnerability, using which anyone could gain access to administrator rights on someone else’s device without password using root access.

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