Powerful innovation.

A popular service to search for travel BlaBlaCar has launched the possibility of joint travel on the buses at competitive prices. The service began to operate with more than 200 operators of bus transportation. Proposals from carriers on buses is already available on the service website — you can identify them by the icon and in most cases reduced price.

The new service BlaBlaCar Pro offers cooperation to operators of bus transportation. At the time of starting the service cooperation is completely free. Carriers can apply for cooperation on the main page of the service BlaBlaCar Pro.

The official ribbon BlaBlaCar has already appeared bus carriers that can be distinguished by the icon of the bus. In addition, such trips are often more affordable. For example, a trip on BlaBlaCar for a normal car from Moscow to St. Petersburg on the average cost of 1200 rubles, and the bus is 900 rubles.

On the page of each announcement set followers to BlaBlaCar Pro, you can Refine the data about the vehicle and the place of departure. In addition, it is possible to contact the driver to clarify any questions.

In BlaBlaCar believe that the innovation will allow passengers to choose the most suitable type of vehicle in terms of comfort, location, departure time and other parameters.


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