In Britain, the test of the Bank card with fingerprint scanner
UK Bank NatWest is testing a new NFC payment card with integrated fingerprint scanner. The map, which will test 200 customers in mid-April, will allow to carry out contactless payments without having to enter a PIN. Standard limit £ 30 for contactless payments will not be applied when using the fingerprint.

Currently in the UK to ensure the security of contactless payments is a limit of 30 pounds (according to Russian legislation the maximum limit for contactless payment without PIN — 1000 rubles).

The data of the fingerprint stored in the card, which means
the attacker will not be able to steal them from the head office of the Bank. It
does not guarantee absolute reliability — there is always a risk that fraud may

to steal and mimic a fingerprint. But this solution is safer than a PIN

someone can learn, just if someone learns for the buyer.

Biometric authentication has become a standard component

NFC mobile payments. But despite the testing done in 2015, technology

did not appear on a traditional credit card. Gemalto, a company

involved in the development of biometric technologies, tested in the southern

Africa in 2017, as well as in Italian Bank Intesa Sanpaolo last year.

Disadvantage of such cards is that to install the print

finger customers must visit a Bank branch. The ability to do it yourself

right at home, like Apple Pay or Google Pay, no.

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