In California, 11-year-old girl was holding an iPhone 6 when he suddenly began to sparkle. Fortunately, the incident were only charred blanket, and Apple has already started an investigation.

According to Kayla Ramos (so called victim girl), she sat on the bed holding your iPhone 6 when it suddenly flew sparks — she then dropped the phone on a blanket. The device continued to burn and burned the blanket in several places. After that, the frightened girl threw the blanket from the iPhone to the other end of the room.

The footage from the report KTNV Channel 13 can be seen that the high temperature, the casing is fully opened, and the battery was badly burned.

Kyle used the iPhone 6 mainly for watching videos on YouTube, but sometimes gave his younger brothers games.

According to the mother of Kayla, Mary ADAT, their iPhone 6 to charge only the original cable and never repaired. The girl’s mother has appealed to Apple — the company will conduct its own investigation of the incident and will issue the family a new smartphone. However, Apple itself has not publicly commented on the situation.

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