Resident of China’s Guangdong province Zhu Unifine was fined 1000 yuan (10 thousand rubles) for using the VPN service. Earlier China is not punished.

As found by the Financial Times newspaper, Zhu was popular in China, the Lantern app VPN to visit foreign websites. For violation the man had to give a fifth part of the salary.

The system of strict control over the Internet — the project “Golden shield” (the informal name “Great Chinese firewall”) — operating in China since 1997.

The law prohibits to visit a foreign site without the permission of the government. However, to date the country’s inhabitants are not punished for bypass of locks.

Previously, for the distribution of VPN services was arrested the developers of the program. One of them was sentenced to five years in prison. Of the Chinese segment of the Apple has disappeared 674 VPN program. 2017 proxy services, VPN and anonymizers forbidden to provide access to banned in Russia information. Then the services are not fined for violations they were threatened only lock.

From September 2018 in Russia, there were penalties for breaking the law about anonymizers. Now the search engines can be fined 700 thousand rubles for the issuance of references to prohibited resources.

Threatening fines and anonymizers and VPN services. For bypass locks of natural persons will be fined from 3 thousand to 5 thousand rubles, and companies — from 50 thousand to 300 thousand rubles.

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