A group of people calling themselves “cyberfrontier”, looking for the Vkontakte page with images, allegedly violates the law and sends the data to law enforcement agencies, reports 66.ru

The editor of the portal, Margarita Makhonina, managed to join the ranks of citizens calling themselves “the guys who are fighting for a healthy population”. The essence of their work is to check the user pages of social network “Vkontakte” on the existence of extremist records. Rita managed to talk the curator of this group, and what she learned.

The leader of volunteers presented themselves as Alexander Erlakov and told that join in their ranks looking for images containing violence, a call to suicide, Smoking, alcoholism and use of prohibited substances. As it turned out the Margarita, under the blow could fall, even posts with sad music and corresponding images.

All discovered materials the volunteers transmit to the Executive Director of the organization, who himself communicates directly with law enforcement. Rita gives an example of the statement:

According to Alexander, their activities are focused exclusively on the “work with adolescents, not for the search of extremists,” however, such cases often end with the search of apartments of suspects than peaceful conversation.

Later, thanks to the head of the legal Department Maria Ilyina was able to learn the identity of the person behind the volunteers. They were Vladislav Ovchinnikov. After the portal tried to find out how and on what basis the activity takes place “cyberfrontier”, he first bore the date of the interview, and then completely stopped responding.


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