Facebook announced the advent of social networking paid subscriptions, reports TechCrunch. Now, the group admins will be able to charge users a fee for access to exclusive content. Innovation has nothing to do with the translation of the social network on a subscription model of distribution because the money will go to bypass Facebook.

What does it do?

The emergence of Facebook paid subscription stems from the widespread popularity of groups and efforts that the owners and administrators make to their development. Over the years the groups they have outgrown the status of interest groups, becoming a real phenomenon of social networking. Some of them have an audience of millions of users, de facto competing with independent media and other platforms of information dissemination.

The idea of translation groups on a subscription model of distribution belongs to their administrators, TechCrunch brings word of a Facebook Manager for product Alex Diva. “The essence of the subscription is not so much in an effort to earn the money necessary to get investment for further development, says Div. — Funds raised during the subscription campaign, will help the owners of the teams to create higher quality content.”

How much is it?

In the US the cost of subscription to the group shall not be less than 4.99 and no more than USD 29.99 per month. Administrators are free to set the price based on the popularity of their product, audience and internal factors. Despite the fact that Facebook is not planning to earn anything, Apple and Google will charge a Commission of 30% in the first year and 15% in the subsequent if you purchase a subscription through the app. This is due to the fact that the passes are classified as in-app purchases and are subject to the payment of the fee.


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