In one of the most popular shooters for iOS has a new game mode, the subject “Pocket break” and a new place on the map.

Now players will be able to explore the “Tomato Church” and to fight on his territory, using new weapons and useful items. For example, a means for teleportation Rift that you can carry and use at any time to get out of a difficult situation and avoid the imminent death.

In a new location, you can find a large quantity of ammunition, weapons, and flasks of elixir that enhances health.

The game also introduces a new game mode “remotely”. In it, players need not to survive but to score as many points. The latter, in turn, are awarded for various actions:

  • For eating fruits and mushrooms – 10 points.
  • For the collection of munitions – 25 points.
  • For opening the treasure chest – 50 points.
  • For the collection of equipment that fell from the sky – 100 points.
  • For killing another player – 100 points.
  • Collecting gold coins – 100 points.

In addition to the above changes, the developers of the game fixed a few things. Increased accuracy of shooting a shotgun at moving while sitting. Also was fixed a bug with the work of wall traps.


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