Apple has released a new version of smart hours Apple Watch Series 4, which has circulated all possible components, promising a completely new experience. “360” acquainted with the novelty closer and came to the conclusion that the most important improvement is that this gadget is suddenly made sense.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

In the 90s Teens loved sci-Fi series Babylon V, which was about a space station, fighting evil in its various manifestations. Today it’s considered good manners to criticize the fiction of the 80s-90s for the archaic, for what, dreaming about the stars, the authors could not provide a touch panel, buttons, cell phones and the Internet. But talking about something else: the crew of Babylon V on the backhand was a special device that was responsible for voice operated doors and elevators and recorded the condition of the media.

I remembered about this when I put on the hand of the Apple Watch Series 4. The first model of smart watches Apple I was not logged in. The thing is that the watch as an accessory I didn’t take, and a different meaning. Due to the lack of dynamics it is impossible to speak by phone or communicate with Siri, a bad heart rate sensor is not allowed to use them as a fitness tracker, and a small screen was deprived of the opportunity properly to handle the applications.

What has changed with the release of the Apple Watch Series 4? Almost everything.

Display more

Apple Watch Series 4 with a threshold of encouraging the increased screen modules: 38mm turned into 40 mm and 42 mm — 44 mm. it would Seem that 2 mm is a small thing, but in practice, coupled with increased resolution (superior screen of the first iPhone!) this provides a brand new user experience and the usability of the gadget. If quite primitive, the picture got better, and much easier. You just do not miss with your fingers by buttons and icons.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Speaker louder

Among the scenarios of use of the Apple Watch Series 4 one of the simplest is voice calls. Speaking voice with the help of Apple Watch is now very comfortable. After the appearance of dynamics in the second generation device main complaint to him was a small power that negated all attempts of communication even in any noisy place.

Watch updated Apple got so loud speaker, even in the subway there is no problem to hear each other. Another question that I hear it and half of the car. If you need it? But in the car driving or on the run during class — absolutely perfect.

The Digital Crown is noticeable

A very strange innovation. Motor Taptic Engine very cool simulate a variety of vibration — for example, physical tapping of the touchpad in the new MacBook or Force Touch to the iPhone last generations. Here and in the Apple Watch Series 4 it was adapted to simulate at the Digital Crown rotating wheel of a mechanical watch. To create them feel more “real”, if you will. As for me — more image or emotional thing. Which, among other things, only works if you have something to scroll on the display.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Sensors more sensitive

Perhaps the main innovation of the Apple Watch Series 4 while that in Russia is not working. All monitoring capabilities announced like tracking heart rate and analyze the state of health that allows to avoid problems with the heart or at least quickly respond to them, our country is not here yet. It is expected that this will happen in the very near future.

However, it should be noted that the modified ceramic bar sensor became much more efficient in the banal withdrawal heart rate, which in turn allows more accurate track of the training process. And if the first version of the Apple Watch I for this reason did not seek to use in the room — an error of 20-30 points were critical for me new watch cope with this task on hurrah.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Very impressed with the function of emergency calls that are triggered in case of a fall caused by a loss of consciousness or for any other reason. It is activated when the person is not getting up. Apple claim that attracted stuntmen to simulate a real fall and to train the sensor to distinguish them from harmless incidents. I tried to repeat the experiment, and I have never failed to cheat the system. However, it should be noted that the opportunity to urgently call for help and send a message to friends on your location, holding the button on the case, this is an extremely useful feature that can actually save lives.

More powerful battery

Without going into the technical details: if earlier the watch had to be recharged every night, which added unnecessary fuss, now Apple Watch Series 4 is able to live a couple of days offline even with active use. This is really very cool. But although the aim really is happening, it is important to understand that in the future it will be more about the greater intactness of the charging procedure, when it can be done on the table during dinner or in the car during the trip, just put device on the surface, and not carrying a separate proprietary charging. The swelling of the battery capacity is a road to nowhere, simply because we cannot fool physics.

What else?

Significantly expanded set of presets for the monitoring of the training process. Me as an adept of fitness, it’s a lot inspired. Although such depth monitoring of the trainings as specialized hours, or even in the Galaxy Watch the latest generation Apple hasn’t yet reached. At least not enough strength training.

However, the feature that allows you to automatically start tracking your workouts and the ending is just perfect. Occasions when I forgot to start the appropriate application manually too much. And here is the tracker doesn’t miss a thing.

Photo source: TV channel “360”

Very cool pimped set of displays. Main chart screen Infograf, which includes eight widgets, and each of the fields you can configure on your own. Everything is available — from time of sunrise/sunset and a fitness tracker.

Apple Watch Series 4 is available in two sizes: 40 and 44 mm are two basic versions, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + cellular, the latter works with eSIM and we are not officially supplied. Russian regulators believe eSIM something like cloning the SIM card, and therefore illegal. For the same reason we do not Shine a new iPhone with support for eSIM. The new Apple Watch material: aluminum. Stainless steel available for Wi-Fi + cellular version; in Russia, accordingly, are not sold. But you can find a new collaboration with Nike, there are watches with a gold case. As for accessories, the straps of the previous generation Apple Watch is compatible with Series 4 and it’s fine.

Whether to buy this watch? Given the fact that ECG we can’t work, special sense to pass on them with the third-generation I do not see. Although increasing the size and improving the quality of the display, of course, impossible not to appreciate. Well, if you had stayed on the first or second generations or, in my case, at that moment something did not grow together, then at least it makes sense to try again. To spaceships we have not got, but something cosmic in the Apple Watch already precisely there.

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