To the app with a dark theme, you need to update it to the latest version and enable dark mode in the settings of the device. In addition, Android users of earlier versions will be able to choose dark theme in settings the app itself.

The two largest manufacturers of software for mobile devices — Apple and Google — have put in their system dark mode in 2019. In both OS it can be configured to run on a schedule, and can be activated manually.

The main advantage of the dark themes that with her phone or tablet more comfortable to use in the dark. Furthermore, on devices with OLED screens it also allows you to conserve battery power: the LEDs in this matrix are disabled when you display the black color. In conventional screens, the backlight operates continuously during operation.

Earlier on 7 October, the head of Instagram also announced that the social network has removed the ability to see like friends. According to Mosseri, the company strives not to overload the social network. When Instagram launched this feature, it was the best way to open a user for new content, but since then a host of others.

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