Group FaceTime calls for iOS again in 12!

In released 18 Sep iOS 12.1 beta 1 Apple has returned the ability to group calls on FaceTime. The feature first appeared in the very first beta version of iOS 12, but by the end of testing, Apple has removed it from the operating system. Apparently, a major innovation will eventually reach the iPhone and iPad in iOS 12.1.

Group calls on FaceTime allows you to participate in a video call from one 32 people. Apple has implemented a feature very original. When a person begins to speak, the tiles with his videos getting more and with nice animation goes forward.

Apple did not specify the reason why the feature was removed from iOS 12. The company only said that the option of group calls to FaceTime back in one of the next major iOS versions until the end of 2018. iOS 12.1, most likely, will be this update.

The final version of iOS 12.1 should be out in about a month. Install iOS 12.1 beta 1 right now you can use the developer profile.


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