If you believe the information that recently appeared on the website of the Chinese TENAA Registrar, all of the latest Apple smartphones are equipped with 4GB of RAM. Previously, network sources reported 6 GB of RAM in iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. After the publication of data on the website TENAA, many began to consider the data of 6 GB of RAM about. However, the reality may be more complicated.

Today, the network appeared information about the fact that Apple has allocated about 2 GB of RAM just to work triple main camera in iPhone iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. Sources claim that part of RAM is reserved for such functions as zoom sound, Deep Fusion and so on.

If this information is correct, the iOS apps and only 2 GB of RAM. For this reason, some began to say that the iPhone and iPhone 11 Pro 11 Pro Max is equipped with 6 GB of RAM. However, 2 GB is reserved for the camera and the system simply them does not see.

But there may be another scenario. While some functions related to the camera software algorithms can just allocate about 2 GB of RAM just for these tasks. The rest of the time iPhone owners and iPhone 11 Pro 11 Pro Max available “full” volume.

Somehow confirm or deny this information will be available only after complete disassembly of the new Apple smartphones.


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