These banners are terribly annoying.

IPhone users began to notice that lately, developers are increasingly began to place their apps and games banner ads that you cannot close. Banners are on the screen, but the promised cross, which would allow to close the ad does not appear. Similar banners were seen before, but in recent years their use is resorted to more and more developers. Fortunately, there is a way to solve the problem.

Users massively complained about full-screen banner ads in iOS apps which is not possible to close. The banner just sits there and waits until the user clicks on it or close the app. Unhappy iPhone owners even created a topic on the official forum Apple, which has asked the company to deal with a situation.

Apple itself has not yet commented on the issue. However, in the discussion of users offered quite a simple solution to the problem. Many ad-blockers for iPhone can get rid of the banners not only in Safari but also throughout the system.

Mostly getting rid of ads in applications proven applications Pro AdGuard and AdBlock. They block ads in third-party applications, including full-screen banners that can never be closed.

There is one more simple but effective way to lock full screen banners in apps and games. Before you run the application, it is sufficient to temporarily turn on airplane mode — Internet connection lost and banners is simply not able to boot. Given that ads on full screen often appear when you first launch the apps and games, this method of blocking really helps.


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