In public transport of Krasnoyarsk you can pay the fare transportation cards and cash, but Bank cards and gadgets that have the feature of contactless payment.

In the salons you installed a new transport terminals that support contactless Bank cards. They allow you to pay the fare and using smartphones and other mobile devices (bracelets, watches, keychains). It is important that these systems have been installed, contactless payments, Samsung Pay, an Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Transport and social cards, too, served in a single terminal device. The payment process takes a few seconds. For this you need to attach a map or gadget to the terminal to wait for the signal and check.

Testing of the new system was held in March. On routes No. 12, 31 and 95 work 90 terminals accepting banking, social and transport cards.

“Coming soon to a cashless fare collection system will connect all the routes served by municipal enterprises, and then to many businesses. In turn connected to a convenient system of calculations and other cities in Krasnoyarsk — Zheleznogorsk, Zelenogorsk, Sosnovoborsk, Norilsk, Sharypovo, Kansk, Lesosibirsk, Yeniseisk. It is planned that by the end of 2019 all public transport of the region will move to a more advanced system of cashless fare payment,” said the Director of GP “Krasnoselskavtotrans” Vyacheslav Eroshevich.

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