Developed network of traffickers, journalists have uncovered the Arabic service Bi-Bi-si. In the result of investigative journalism has established that a slave can be purchased via the mobile app. Slaves are graded not only on price, age and physical parameters, but also on the skin tone. The app is still available in Google Play and App Store. Often ads were placed in popular social networks: “Instagram” and “Facebook”. The search was performed using hashtag “#loancanada”.

These servants there is virtually no rights, they cannot leave the country, and they are sold and resold to anyone willing to pay. Prices sometimes reach several thousand dollars. Basically we are talking about low-skilled labour force: domestic workers and laborers.

Journalists managed to talk with 57 users of these applications, and visited more than a dozen homes under the guise of customers. Sellers unanimously advised to confiscate the passports of “shopping” and limit her access to the phone. Among the slave owners were also employees of law enforcement bodies of Kuwait. The youngest slave was 16 years old, despite the fact that the local law requires that the housekeeper was older than 21 years. The least demand is for resident of India, their Kuwaiti sellers slaves are considered the dirtiest.

This market thrives not only in Kuwait. In Saudi Arabia also found hundreds of women who buy and sell on the popular online trading platform and through social networks.

After the publication of the investigation, the government of Kuwait declares that it is in a state of war with such phenomena, as mentioned in the investigation of mobile applications will be “reviewed carefully”. Facebook has banned the hashtag “#loancanada” (“خادمات للتنازل#”). And Google and Apple said they are actively interacting with the developers to stop illegal activity on their platforms. The UN special representative on contemporary forms of slavery Urmila Bhoola called to account Google, Apple, Facebook and other companies involved in the slave trade.

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