Unusual holiday sale.

“M. Video” announced the launch of the latest sales expiring in 2018. Sale “Days M. Benefits” will be held from 25 to 31 December and buyers will have access to the large discounts and gifts for the purchase of various goods. In the sale, “the Days of M. Benefits” involved a limited number of products, but the discounts on each of them made really big.

“The days of M. the Gain” at “M. Video” — what to buy

The sale of “the Days of M. Benefits” can rightly be called the new year. “M. Video” has reduced the prices of goods, which enjoy the greatest popularity among buyers before the New year. According to the statistics of last years most successful products of the last days of the year are presented in the category “home & kitchen appliances”.

Discounts on home appliances “M. Video” is really many and they are all remarkable. Grinder, blenders, crock pots and other equipment from the leading brands fell in the amount of from 2,500 to 14,000 roubles. Full list of discounted products from the category “Household and kitchen appliances” presented on this page.

However, a large discount made on other products. All products which have discount in the framework of “Days of M. Benefits” you can find by clicking on this link. Note that the product list from time to time to vary, so look at the site “M. Video” in finding the right product for yourself you can every day.


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