“Sberbank” to advertise the device installed in Sean O’neill’s Irish Pub automatic beer tap. To buy a drink in it you can use contactless payment – reports vc.ru.

The Bank is going to distribute the miracle tap in all the bars of Moscow, as the representatives of the company liked, as implemented in London.

To get a drink, you need to approach the machine, select your desired amount and pay using NFC card or smartphone with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Using the built in crane display, you can stop and resume pouring.

The device is designed not to replace real bartenders, and to reduce the number of queues at popular places. Thus during the world Cup in Sean O’neill’s Irish Pub was much unloaded bar and reduced load on the staff.

The management of “Sberbank” is ready to offer a beer tap with contactless payments for companies across the country. According to statistics, in Moscow the peak days it usually takes 20 to 25 orders.

“Sberbank” – one of the most innovative companies in Russia. She constantly introduces new technology in its banking services and tries to influence the technological development of the country. For example, recently the Bank has opened 21 school for training programmers.


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