Microsoft has released a new feature to protect your important folders in OneDrive for Windows 10. Because of this the documents, pictures, and desktop folder will be automatically saved in the cloud service Microsoft.

Automatically sync important folders OneDrive was available to the corporate segment since June of this year and is now available to regular users of the service.

“It’s now easier to copy the content to OneDrive to have access to the necessary files on all compatible devices, while providing reliable data protection,” – said representatives of Microsoft edition The Verge.

To activate this option on computers running Windows 10, you need to go to OneDrive settings by right-clicking and choosing “Settings” next go to the tab “auto-save” and choose a backup of what data will be created automatically.

After this, all the files and folders in “Documents”, “Images” and “Desktop” will automatically sync with the cloud.

Read all details and restrictions of OneDrive on the Microsoft website.


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