Apple has not unveiled a new iPhone this year, and the Russian brand Caviar has already shown its smartphones. They created them based on prototypes of future products of the company from Cupertino. The design of the devices combined space theme.

In total, the series includes five models. The title is called “diamond universe” (Universe Diamond) and adorned it not just with diamonds, rubies, cognac diamond, Topaz rare Swiss tone, but a fragment of the space Shuttle, as well as a piece of the moon and a meteorite. The unit is worth 2 999 000 rubles.

Another model on black holes. It’s called Singularity. The casing is encrusted with fragments of several meteorites.

Another device Explorer embodies the concept of the relentless thrust of humanity to discoveries.

Prices for the smartphone start from 299 000 rubles. Model “diamond universe” is presented in one copy.

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