Insurers record growth in demand for insurance of smartphones. Moreover, both new and those that have already been used.

According to the company “the Messenger” from January to June 2019 in the Russian market of smartphones has sold over 13 million units. Users spent 211 billion rubles.

The greatest growth was in the mobile device in the price range of more than 60 thousand rubles. In units sales of smartphones grew 57 percent, said the “Russian newspaper” in the press service of the retailer.

The indicators associated with the ongoing mass exit on the market of the flagship models of major smartphone manufacturers.

Owners of expensive gadgets often insure their mobile device. Moreover, both new and those already had time to work. As a rule, in the latter case, users come for the policy after the smartphone has been in costly repairs.

According to the study “Sberbank insurance” to the financial protection of their device most actively used by owners of mobile technology Apple and Samsung. Each of these brands accounts for almost a third of the total number of gadgets insured. Next come the Nokia, Honor, Meizu.

The owners used smartphones usually come with the policyholders after their gadgets will visit the costly repairs

Causes 87 percent of insurance claims with mobile devices — mechanical damage, mostly resulting from falls. Another 8 percent for the bays: the owners of the devices has been dropped in water or spilled drinks on devices. The other related to theft.

The insurance cost for gadget is generated based on the volume of risks, should cover the policy. We can talk about full coverage, in addition to theft and usual damage in the fall includes, for example, protection from exposure to rain and snow, damage by animals, power surges, or a limited set of risks. The amount you have to pay for insurance depends on the model of the gadget. The average policy can cost anywhere from 1.5 to 10 percent of the cost of the device.

Insuring your smartphone, you need to be very careful, because there are many nuances, which may seem obvious. So when the gadget is pulled from a pocket or bag in a public place, in the payment, most companies can not refuse. Insurance is “included” if the device was stolen from a closed room or car. Even if the device owner to prove that the smartphone was stolen, damaging a bag or jacket pocket payments, still you can count.

The insurance company will not make payments if the owner will report that the phone fell and would not be able to provide a water-damaged gadget. Not indemnified in respect of loss of information in memory. Cover is not provided for cosmetic damages — scratches or chips that do not affect the operability of equipment — scratched and chipped.

“Analyzing insurance regulations of mobile technology, you can come to the conclusion that they have more exceptions than cases where the owner of the gadget can actually obtain insurance reimbursement. Therefore, such policies not too favorable, — says Dmitry Yanin, Chairman, International Confederation of consumer societies. But if a person in spite of everything still wants to insure his equipment, I would recommend to read carefully the terms of the contract, including all that is written in small print”.

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