Experts of the Russian Institute of development Internet (IRI) has compiled a list of local mobile applications that can replace foreign analogues. This was reported on the website of the Institute.

In Iran, analyzed the Russian market applications and evaluated its ability to respond to the initiative of the authorities to preinstall the domestic developments in sold in Russia smartphones.

In nine of the 12 categories of Russian application will be able to replace foreign counterparts, according to the IRI. For example, instead of Google Chrome, Opera and Safari you can use the Russian “Yandex Browser” and “Bing Satellite”. Email clients are Gmail and Outlook is able to replace the application “Yandex.mail” and “Mail”. Streaming music services Play Music, Spotify and Apple Music can also be replaced by Russian counterparts — “Yandex. Music” Boom and Zvooq, the report said. In addition, the Russian companies are able to offer an alternative in the market of social networks, anti-virus and cloud storage services (“Vkontakte”, “Odnoklassniki”/Kaspersky, Dr.Web/”Cloud”, “Yandex. Drive”).

The least popular users use Russian instant messengers, video hosting and payment systems, said the Institute. “In some categories, unfortunately, the Russian development is not sought after properly. This video (among them users prefer YouTube), the payments system and instant messengers. Although the same ICQ has a unique technology, thanks to which the messenger may not work in the absence of communication”, — said Director General of Iran’s Sergei Petrov.

At the end of June it was reported that the Ministry of communications has prepared draft amendments to the law on which smartphone manufacturers will be obliged to deliver to Russia the gadgets with preinstalled applications of Russian developers.

In January, a similar proposal was made by the Federal Antimonopoly service. In addition, the Agency insisted that the user should be able to remove all the built-in “neudalimye” application, excluding service.

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