The first such program in Russia was not.

Russian Cstore retailer (belongs to “Them”) has officially launched a program to exchange old MacBook on any new Apple device. The new trade-in program, the Russians can turn your old MacBook and get a discount on the purchase of a MacBook, and iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

A unique trade-in program was launched in all stores Cstore. Owners of MacBook old enough to come with her laptop in one of the stores Cstore and to request an evaluation device. Staff Cstore place to evaluate your MacBook with the help of special software, and also take into account the General condition of the laptop. Then they announce the discount, which can be obtained for the surrender of the MacBook.

New exchange program old MacBook is also unique in that the maximum discount for the surrender of the notebook may be 100%. This means that the buyer will not have to pay out of pocket for the purchase of a new device. Of course, to get such a discount is possible only on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, as the current model of MacBook is very expensive. Their price definitely will not be completely covered by exchange old laptop.

Informed leading Russian retailers have launched a program of exchange of old smartphones of Apple and Samsung at a new. Despite the fact that older devices are more profitable to sell on the secondary market, not pass over discount, trade-in use a huge number of Russians. Experts call the main reason for this reluctance of users to take risks and spend time going to the secondary market.


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