The bill on the mandatory installation of apps from local developers on all the gadgets already introduced in the state Duma. Who will be included in the registry mandatory, will discuss at the Analytical center under the government July 31.

Experts believe that the developers of this measure can bring a lot of advantages, but the market — harm. In the case of the adoption of the law, companies can start to fight for getting into the registry, but not for quality improvement. In addition, large international corporations, such as Apple, can simply leave the Russian market, Izvestia.

At the upcoming meeting, which will be held July 31 to discuss the feasibility of establishing a registry of domestic applications will become mandatory. Experts also raise questions about whether it is possible to list the products of foreign developers.

Earlier this year, the Federal Antimonopoly service has introduced the concept of preloading domestic applications. According to authorities, such measures are needed to support Russian software products.

If the law is passed, Russian developers will be able to get many new users. However, some experts believe that monetizing it will be difficult — for the use of pre-loaded programs ready to pay a few.

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