Officials don’t like the disregard by the IT giants.

The Russian authorities intend to significantly increase fines for technology companies, including Apple, Google and Facebook, reports Reuters. According to reliable sources, the Russian authorities want to motivate foreign companies to properly comply with the requirements of Russian legislation. Authorities are discussing the introduction of a fine in the amount of 1% of the annual revenue of the company in Russia.

Over the past few years, Russia had adopted several laws that tightened the regulation of the Internet. The messengers were obliged to pass the encryption keys to access the communications of users of special services and search engines require you to quickly remove links to prohibited content.

Foreign technology companies have been slow to follow the requirements of the Russian legislation. For example, prohibited at the beginning of the year in Russia the Telegram messenger is still available for free download for iPhone and Android devices. Neither Apple nor Google has not removed the Telegram from its app store, although it was known that Roskomnadzor demanded to do it.

In this regard, the Russian government decided to attempt to strengthen the motivation of foreign companies to meet the requirements of the legislation. Officials plan to introduce a penalty for non-compliance in the amount of 1% of the annual revenue of the company in Russia. This clarifies that the penalty can not be less than 1.5 million rubles.

Foreign tech companies really will be additional motivation for compliance with the requirements, if the initiative of the authorities will be implemented. For example, the company “Google” has earned in Russia in 2017 45.2 billion rubles. The fine for Google under the new rules will be 452 million.

Source: Reuters.


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