Today in Russia, officially kicked off retail sales of the iPhone XS and XS Max, whose release was at the presentation on September 12. Both models reach the domestic market with a delay of seven days relative to the first-wave countries, is already available for order on the official website of Apple and its partners from the premium Resellers. The recommended price of the novelty starts from 87 990 rubles, reaching 127 990 rubles for the top model with max memory.

iPhone XS and XS Max have comparable hardware, differing from each other solely by the size of the displays. When designing the iPhone XS manufacturer decided to keep the diagonal from iPhone X, equal to 5.8 inches, but gave Max XS 6.5-inch OLED panel, previously its seasoned with all sorts of image processing algorithms. And for good reason. According to the lab DisplayMate, the screen of the iPhone XS Max is the best ever installed in a smartphone.

Than the iPhone XS and XS is Max different from iPhone X

Unlike the iPhone X, iPhone XS and XS Max have an extensive amount of built-in storage with a maximum capacity of 512 GB, an improved camera that allows you to make really cool images, and improved protection from moisture and dust, withstanding immersion to a depth of 2 meters for half an hour. Case novelties made of resistant to damage and various scratches tempered glass and surgical steel makes up the frame, adding strength machines.

The shortcomings of the iPhone XS and XS Max

However, the first iPhone users XS and XS Max was formed by innovations of several claims. First, as revealed in the course of practical tests, both devices are very weird on the wifi on the 5 GHz band, ignoring it and connecting only to the less productive networks at 2.4 GHz. Second, some instances of iPhone XS and XS Max tend to slow down when working on LTE networks. And, third, in front of the cameras all iPhone XS and XS Max, without exception, default mode is activated, a beauty which cannot be disabled.

At the time of the publication of the official Apple’s online store has no shortage of pointing as the predicted date of delivery from 2 to 4 October in relation to Mokwa and Moscow region, regardless of the smartphone model. More remote from the capital regions, the deadlines can vary.

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