It became known that a major retailer Re:Store and Forward Leasing company launched sales of the iPhone by subscription in Russia. So, the monthly payment will allow the Russians to use one of the currently relevant smartphones from Apple.

At the expiration of the subscription period, users will have a choice: to surrender the device to the store to buy it or even exchange it for a new model. It is noted that the subscription is a rental smartphone, not a full-fledged accessory device to the client. Thus it is possible to rent, for example, modification of iPhone 11 to 64 GB for a monthly payment, which will total 3940 roubles or order 47280 rubles for a year of use. Thus, the cost of the device will cost 70 976, while his retail price of 11 thousand less.

The only advantage of the new system prior to installment is a guarantee, which in the course of the year, one free to replace the display device in case of breakage.

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