A taxi will be cheaper.

The working group of the National technology initiative (NTI) “Avtonet” began the development of a special mobile app to make the unmanned taxi. According to the representative “AutoNet”, the application will be able to consider the interests of Russians in order to “virtual taxi driver” was able to maintain a conversation with the client during the trip.

Details about the new application to call an unmanned taxi and told the representative “AutoNet” Yaroslav Fedoseev. He said that the developed system will allow the Russians to talk with artificial intelligence during a trip to the unmanned taxi. A “virtual driver” will be able to talk on any topic and to remember at what point he stopped the conversation to return to the dialog the next trip.

Russians will be able to share your interests with artificial intelligence via a special application. The app will analyze the interests of people in social networks and provide the collected data to artificial intelligence. Due to this “virtual driver” to talk to a person on his interest topics like football or literature.

According to forecasts, the first unmanned taxi will appear in Russia in 2019. The price of a trip on the driverless taxi will be on average 25% less than regular taxis.

Source: Kommersant.


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