In Russia may introduce mandatory registration of smartphones by IMEI, learned to “Vedomosti”. The initiative has already been approved by the expert Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. Thus, it is planned to minimize the cases of theft of mobile technology and its smuggling into the country.

According to the authors of the project, the registration obligations will be imposed on companies importing equipment to Russia. For the Russians, who purchased the device abroad, it will be the procedure for his independent entry in the register in the salons of cellular communication or through a single online portal for a fee.

Find phone via IMEI

Registration will enable you to attach your smartphone to your SIM card and block it, making the appropriate request to the operator. This can come in handy in case of loss or theft of the device, making it easier for the search of the person in possession of a device.

The failure of a device imported into Russia bypassing official channels of supply, in a single register will result in immediate restriction on the use of cellular data. In other words, the owner of such a device will not be able to use communication services, not deprived, however, of access to all its functions.

Registering your phone in Turkey

A similar system of registration of device is used in Turkey, which the Russian parliamentarians give the example. Local law allows foreigners and citizens to use smartphones purchased outside of Turkey, only for a limited time, requiring compulsory registration.


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